Volunteers have become an essential role at the Oak Ridge Animal Shelter. With the assistance of volunteers, the animals receive more attention, human interaction, and exercise that are necessary for their health. Volunteers help by giving their time to assist the shelter with the daily demands of animal care and shelter maintenance. Our volunteers all have various backgrounds and reasons for assisting with the shelter needs.


  • Volunteers must be 18 years of age. Younger individuals may volunteer with approval of the Animal Shelter Supervisor.
  • Volunteers must be willing to do chores that are requested by the Animal Shelter Supervisor or Shelter staff which may include: cleaning of kennels, feeding and watering of animals, walking or exercising animals, grooming of animals, or other tasks.
  • Preferred volunteers to have manageable or no allergies to animal furs and cleaning solutions.
  • Volunteers must pass a local criminal background check.
  • Volunteers who attend Clinton High School can earn credit toward qualifying for a $500.00 Scholarship through the Anderson County Humane Society.


For more information or to request a Volunteer Application, please contact Animal Shelter Supervisor Julie Armes at 425-3423 or JArmes@OakRidgeTN.gov.