All residents in the city keeping, owning or harboring any animal over three (3) months of age are required to register their animal with the city.  Normally, this can be done at the time of your pet’s rabies vaccine if you use a veterinarian in Oak Ridge.  If you use a veterinarian outside the city limits, you can register at the animal shelter.  If you live in the city of Oak Ridge, and your pet has been spayed or neutered, the fee is $5 for a City registration tag.  If your pet has not been altered, the fee is $10.  The city will retain such information as, your name, address, phone number, pets name, etc.  In case your pet becomes lost and is found by the shelter or another resident, we will be able to reunite you with your pet.


The shelter does provide a microchip service outside of regular adoption.  The fee is $20 for both dogs and cats.  The shelter uses Home Again, 134 kHz microchips.  Please call for an appointment if you would like your pet microchipped.