Lost Pet: jasmine

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Pet Type: Dog
Pet Name: jasmine
Breed: Belgian malinois mix
Colors: dark brown, black face
Contact: shepherdliv@gmail.com
Message: she is a very timid rescue, she is elderly (about 9 years old) she was being watch by my family on Parsons road (in the woodland neighborhood) in oak ridge while i had a baby and slipped the gate, this happened on feb 14th, she is my emotional support animal and is very close to my young kids, she has mange scarring that is still healing on the backs of her legs, the base of her tail, and around her neck, she doesn’t wear tags but she wears a thin choke-chain style collar, and is chipped. the last place anybody saw her was next to mcdonalds on illinois ave, our phone number is 8652281591 and our email is shepherdliv@gmail.com,