Lost Pet: Zuky

Pet Photo
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Pet Type: Cat
Pet Name: Zuky
Breed: not sure
Colors: Black and white; a little brown in fur
Contact: cjzphone@gmail.com
Message: My cat is an indoor, outdoor cat. He is about 2 1/2 years old. Neutered, front paws declawed. Very long tail. Looks like he’s wearing eyeliner. He has a very distinct larger lower belly (that sometimes looks pink) for running. Very smart. He knows where his home is. Loves to go out. Always in the house by 10:30 pm, but usually sooner. Lived in 4 different residences since Sept. 2019; learns home very quickly. If it’s TOO COLD, he will not go out, but uses inside litter. Lived in Columbus, Ohio, till Sept. 1st and is used to cold weather and snow. I’ve had him since he was 6 weeks old, and I miss him very much. Last seen outside my front door. Never came home that night. Up a lot of the night waiting for him. Not there the next morning. Never been out ALL night! I miss him, and I love him very much. Up to date for his shots.