Lost Pet: Nosey

Pet Photo
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Pet Type: Dog
Pet Name: Nosey
Breed: Chihuahua
Colors: She is furry white small dog
Contact: mcneilldestiny2@gmail.com
Message: Nosey last went missing on 5522 I was outside on my lap top doin job applications and this was about around 4 5 something in the afternoon I didn’t realize she was gone until I came downstairs and my mom had said where was nosey and that’s when I said I forgot her outside we were looking for her from 8 till td until 2 and 3 in the afternoon we asked ppl have they seen her one man said he seen her walking he described her perfectly but he said that’s someone picked her up and walked towards the dollar general which is not far from where we stay it’s within a walking distance I just really hope she’s okay AND I REALLY REALLY HOPE if anyone sees her that’s they return her back home safely we’ve had this dog for 5 yrs now she’s very friendly unless you try to antagonize her but over all it’s very depressing to us and we are very heartbroken I feel really bad bc if I would had been paying attention she would still be here but please please please contact me with any information you guys find she is a little white furry Chihuahua has on a pink bedazzled collar on if seen or seen with someone please confront them or give us and text email we would really appreciate the help .