Lost Pet: June

Pet Photo
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Pet Type: Dog
Pet Name: June
Breed: Mix
Colors: Brown
Contact: aschil0008@gmail.com
Message: June is a female senior dog who is has severe skin allergies and is on hospice care. She went missing off of Florida Ave. at 8:25am on May 30, 2002 headed towards Georgia Ave. (last seen on our home cameras) June looks malnourished (she is having a hard time eating) ribs and tailbone are showing. We love her very much and have had her for almost 15 years. We have been debating to have her put down and just haven’t had the heart to yet because she is still getting up and eating her special can food everyday. June is hard of hearing and is blind. We have drove around the east end all afternoon and have yet to find her. I’m going to call the animal shelter first thing in the morning when they open. I hope someone has called and had her picked up. She is an indoor dog and has missed her meals and doesn’t have her bed. Please call if you see her at any time of day or night 865-742-9936