Lost Pet: Harley

Pet Photo
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Pet Type: Dog
Pet Name: Harley
Breed: Pitbull
Colors: Red brindle
Contact: Lovewinsalways22@gmail.com
Message: My Harley man went missing yesterday sometime around noon I’m not exactly sure I was at work. My fiancé ran to the store and while gone he must’ve opened the screen door and escaped (extremely intelligent) We live on the lower end of Jefferson Avenue. He is precious!!! Not aggressive AT ALL!! Very very sweet baby and since he was 5 weeks old he’s been right by my side learning to be attentive, gentle, and well mannered. He is most definitely my child and I’m not whole without him!!! His name, once again, Is Harley, and he’s learned to sit, shake (with each paw), lay down, and to crawl across the room on his belly only to be rewarded with a much deserved treat (no human food of coarse) I can also lay a treat on top of each paw, giving a command to wait, and he will do so until given permission to indulge. Please is anyone has seen my best friend or knows anything about his whereabouts I would go to extreme distances to have him returned home. And I’m so very sure he misses me as well we spend every “off-work” moment together. My phone number is 865-888-8224 and Harley lives at 225 Jefferson Avenue. Please someone, anyone help return my buddy back home safe where he belongs. If/when hes returned I’ll never allow a chance for this to happen again!!! I’m praying that God will see fit that I get my best friend back and he knows that I’ve surely learned my lesson and I’m aware of what I did wrong and how to not ever let this happen again. Please help get Harley home safe