Lost Pet: Ellie May

Pet Photo
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Pet Type: Dog
Pet Name: Ellie May
Breed: Chesapeake Bay Retriever
Colors: Dead Grass
Contact: sable390@yahoo.com
Message: Ellie May went missing on 5/30 with her sister Jasmine Pawboost had a sighting of Jasmine on 6/1. Went looking for Jasmine, hoping Ellie was with her on Old Lake City Hwy in Clinton. I yelled for both dogs for a while driving through there. Jasmine came home. Ellie is dead grass color super friendly, has a white spot on her chest, a green tattoo on her belly from being fixed and a brown leather collar with her rabies number and a pink name tag bone with our phone number on it. Jasmine and her brother Gunnie want her home. You can also reach me at 419-266-9874.